Daily Rape

daily rape #10

In Daily Rape on 01/05/2009 at 12:09

Rape them raw and rape them right
yes, lets go on the prowel tonigh.

This is the begining of the poem and I want you to decide the direction it takes! Just comment your ideas under this blog by thursday and i’ll consider your ideas!

So a short one this week because i’m hyper busy!

Jon lajoie has some new videos up on youtube! Check that shit out its great! “i kill people” is so funny!

Its my friends birthday this weekend and we are gonna be drunk!
plans to be a fun night anyway I really just gotta leave it there this week!

But remember:
1: To comment about the poem and
2: Confidence is key! Be in charge and it’ll go a lot smoother!


Daily Rape #9

In Daily Rape on 23/04/2009 at 16:49

It always takes me too long to find #! Its so annoying!
“acapella how to put this lightly, is ear rape” Dr. cox, Scrubs!

A stick tried to rape my friend! According to him and several eye witnesses (only he saw it) the stick “really really really reeeeeaaaallllly did!” try to rape him! so who am I to argue?

Did you ever sleep on a tramp? My friend and my brother did at my friend Amy’s 21st! It was one fun night with a lot of random people leaving the house to talk in the tool shed… I don’t get it either.

Another weeked quest this week with a super excellent video too! The best one yet! Here’s the link> <
I hope you enjoy watching that bad boy!

My band might have a drummer fingers crossed and hopfully the other band members agree! I’ll rape the shit out of them if they don’t!
Like that time when that other person didn’t agree! Yeah thats right i’ll rape them again too!

So staying at home most day’s lately so not much to write next week though there shall be a poem! A daily rape poem! With sparklers and everything!

and Remember:
The devil makes use for idle hands so busy them by raping!

Daily Rape #7 no. 2

In 1 on 16/04/2009 at 13:37

But not really! Its totally 8!
“Thats fucked up” this is my friends new thing to say I was like why are you saying when things are completely normal?

Anyway important news firstly!: Bourbon crow have two new songs on there myspace page! I like one of them but non of them as funny as drink till you ain’t ugly anymore or as cool as suck my dixie! But I still like them!

I was at Barry’s house over the long weekend and he bought a new computer game! “Resident evil 5” and its brilliant I love it and really long to which is a refreshing change to most new games! FAble 2 being a good example! So go out and buy it! Get your Majini rape! Then go buy left for dead! Then you’ll have enough rape options to last a while!

James made a good point! Jesus got raped and battered by Romans… Lets eat a chocolate egg… What? Haha!
We did the weekend quest this week too! It was gone for a week but it came back by popular opinion! Here was our attemp! > <
Coment and tell me what you think!

Pellet guns are fun when little freckled freaks aren’t playing I wish I had a real gun for that problem! I’d just rape him with bullets!

so not much happened this week it was a good’n non the less!

And remember:
The more you drink the more immune you are to the screams of victims